Stephanie Yavelow - Home Page

Stephanie Yavelow's Home Page

I'm Stephanie and this is my home page but you can call me "Steph." I'm almost ten years old and I have a sister named Celina. Here are some songs and pictures and art I've made. Click my picture to see it bigger.

You can send me a letter if you want.

Message from Daddy: Hi Stephanie, there are letters to you and Stephanie here.

Press Releases: Stephanie is Molly in the musical Annie - Performance Schedule

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This is a picture I made with Kid Pix.


My turn with the Mac.


This is my sister Celina waiting for her turn with the computer.

A story for my cartoon.


This is me recording the story for a cartoon I'm making with Amazing Animation.



My daddy makes CD-ROMs and writes books about computers and music and multimedia so he has to do things like morph me into my sister (837k QuickTime).

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