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For our far-away friends

Here we a creating a scrapbook of photos and messages for our friends outside of the Netherlands. You may click on each highlighted picture or on the words "JPEG" to load a larger JPEG version of the photo (averaging 30k each). All the photos were made with an Apple QuickTake 100 digital camera. Click here to send Christopher, Celina, and/or Stephanie some E-mail ( The kids have their own home pages now so if you want to send them mail you should send it from there so it goes into the right mailbox (or use their email addresses: or
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YAV's house Our new house

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We moved to this house in a little village outside of Amsterdam in December of 1993. We're centrally located about 2 blocks from the beach, 2 blocks from the center of town, and 2 blocks from the dunes (which are interlaced with bicycle paths and walking paths).

Photo of Monique Monique

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Monique in the studio. In 1997 she started to go crazy after her mother died. In 1999 she kidnapped my children into a dangerous cult.

Photo of Celina and Stephanie Celina and Stephanie

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Celina (currently 11 but 8 in this picture) and Stephanie (currently 8 but almost 7 in this picture) are in a Waldorf school (Rudolf Steiner school) and loving it. They picked up Dutch faster than anyone in the family. They speak Swiss German to Monique, English to Christopher, and Dutch to everyone else. We didn't have a camera when Celina was born but we did have a taperecorder so you can click to hear her birthcry (23k au format).

Photo of Boepoli -- the cat Boepoli Photo of Winnie the Pooh -- the cat Winnie-the-Pooh

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Boepoli (currently 9 but 7 in this photo) and her daughter Winnie-the-Pooh (currently 7 but 5 in this photo) arrived by plane about six months after we did. Remarkably, they remembered us. They are having no problem with the language here, just territorial problems with our new Dutch cat named Mopje (photo from November 1994).

Photo of Mopje -- the cat Mopje

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Celina and Stephanie adopted Mopje (pronounced Mohpya) about 6 weeks after she was born in August of 1994. Mopje has major battles with Boepoli and Winnie-the-Pooh.

Photo of Felipe with Christopher YAV with our "fearless leader"

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Here is a late 1994 photo of Christopher with one of the people who makes xs4all possible at "the best Spanish restaurant in Amsterdam.".

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