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Celina Yavelow's Home Page


Hi I'm Celina. Welcome to my home page. I'm twelve years old and you can click my photo to see it bigger. Maybe you remember the old photo that I used to have here when I was eight? I have a sister and her name is Stephanie. Here are some songs and pictures and art I've made.

Message from Daddy: Hi Celina, there are letters to you and Stephanie here.

You can send me a letter if you want.

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Ponies #1
Ponies #8
Ponies #6
Click on one of the paintings in my summer 1997 water-color series if you want to see it in a larger size.
Ponies #2
Ponies #4
Ponies #3
Ponies #5
Ponies #7

The picture that used to be here called Sunflowers in the Night (that I made with Kid Pix) is still here.


Suprized by daddy in the backyard.


This photo is from the summer of 1997.

My turn with the Mac.


This is my sister Stephanie waiting for her turn with the computer.

Singing into Daddy's Mac.


This is me singing the songs Daddy put on my home page.



My daddy has his birthday in spring.
Isn't that a lovely thing.
I Celina have my birthday in summer
And I'm a good hummer.
My mommy has her birthday in fall
And maybe she will give you a call.
My sister Stephanie has her birthday in winter.
I hope she doesn't get a splinter.


My daddy makes CD-ROMs and writes books about computers and music and multimedia so he has to do things like morph me into my sister and back (837k QuickTime).

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