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Here are brief descriptions and other information about some of the interactive media projects YAV has been involved with over the past decade just one representative sample per year although there are others). These are CD-ROMs (except the earliest two which were distributed as multi-disk sets). Sceenshots of the opening screens with one additional sample screen are provided and these are about 7k each so figure you are about to download at total 100k (if this matters to you then you might want to disable the loading of graphics now). Additional software developed along the way is downloadable in shareware or demo form from YAV's Downloadable Software Area. Click here to send me feedback (Christopher@yav.com).

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Music is the Message

The Music is the Message is an exhibit created by YAV for the newMetropolis Science and Technology Center in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The exhibit relies on the YAV Music Engine(tm) to allow anyone to compose music for a short film by Amber Film. The YAV Music Engine is a modular technology incorporating an expert system engine that creates credible music in a variety of styles. A CD-ROM version of Music is the Message is slated for release in the summer of 1997. Press releases are available in English and Dutch.
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YAV was responsible for all programming and media post-processing and compression (including more than 1 million QuickTime frames) as well as much of the human factors for this Mac, Win 3.11, Win/95 CD-ROM (LEGO's first) which shipped worldwide in early 1997. Developed by Christopher Yavelow and the 1996/97 YAV Team using custom authoring tools created with YAV's RAD Tools . Winner of the "Best Scandinavian CD-ROM - 1997" award. Press release available.
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EMI CD Browser

YAV created this MediaBrowser for CD-ROM based text, graphics, digital audio, MIDI data, program code, and applications for the "Experiments in Musical Intelligence" CD-ROM (accompanying David Cope's book of the same title) for A-R Editions' Computer Music & Digital Audio Series.
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VPRO Digitale Gids

Christopher Yavelow directed CD-ROM production and was responsible for interface concept and design, graphic layout specification, and interactive programming for this public broad-casting company in the Netherlands. The CD-ROM synchornizes itself to the television broadcasting during the month of September (the VPRO's "Digital Month") and also provides a one-click installation to access the World Wide Web server they launched on September 1, 1994.
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Music & Sound Bible

YAV was responsible for interface design, programming, and content for Christopher Yavelow's book on computer music awarded "Best Advanced How-to Book" - Computer Press Association (CD-ROM version in progress). Please send Christopher mail if you are a developer whose software was not covered in the first edition or who has not been contacted about the coming second edtion Book/CD-ROM version.
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Multimedia PowerTools

Christopher Yavelow created an interactive music composition tutorial featuring QuickTime, animations, and sound. The tutorial is about creating the theme music he composed for the world's first Book/CD-ROM on Macintosh Multimedia - now a best-seller.
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Verbum Interactive

Christopher Yavelow was responsible for HyperCard stack design and programming, Macromedia Director consulting, and background music (including RedBook audio) for the world's first CD-ROM-based magazine (Verbum Magazine).
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Finale Guided Tour

Christopher Yavelow was responsible for interface design, programming, and implementation of this interactive guided tour for a professional music software package published by CODA Music Technology. Features include synced audio, embedded "Quick Tour", screen intelligence (presentation fills your screen no matter what size and in a very cool way).
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Apple Vivarium Project

Christopher Yavelow created the VOX Vivarium software and was responsible for HyperCard and HyperMIDI interface design, graphics, programming, and implementation for two multi-user hardware/software workstations for Apple Computer's in-house computer music research.
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Graphics, text, sounds, etc.  Copyright © Christopher Yavelow  1994 thru 1997