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Spike® version 1.7 and 1.6 were both major upgrades to previous versions of Spike.

If you are a Spike user, you may want to examine change history immediately. Nearly every aspect of the program has been upgraded or enhanced starting with the fact that Spike can now handle any movie you want to apply it to: flattened, cross-platformed, data-fork-only, movies with strange resource ids, movies created by much earlier versions of QuickTime, and any combination thereof.

You can download a "lite" version of Spike from this page. This is a "Fat" version for both 68k and PPC Macintosh computers and Macintosh compatibles.

The unregistered version ("lite version") will allow processing batches of up to 2 movies at a time. Registered versions allow you to process batches of any number of files. When you register Spike, 63 presets covering most QuickTime deployment scenarios become available. The lite version requires that you work in kilobytes whereas the registered version lets you choose bytes or kilobytes in the Settings window. The lite version will, from time to time, remind you to register Spike. Additionally, the lite version will not allow you to disable the opening splash screen in the preferences. Starting with version 1.5, the Lite version will no longer expire nor will any of the menu items expire.

Later, if you choose to register the software, you will receive a registration code that will convert the demo version into a full version. The full version has no restrictions on the number of files you can process in a single batch and lets you work in kilobytes or bytes. Further, the full version will enable the 63 presets settings that cover most QuickTime deployment scenarios. There are several other differences between the full version and the demo version. Finally, as a registered user you will receive email notification of periodic updates to Spike that will add additional features to the software.

Important Notes:
1) The format of Spike's Preferences file changed in version 1.0.2 and again in version 1.0.4. If you are running a pre-1.0.4 version, the installer or updater will replace your Spike Preferences file with the new format.

2) See the Change History for additional information.

You can also download the Tutorial. This is indentical to the version you can view here on-line although it has been altered to run locally in your web browser.

Download Spike Tutorial (hqx) - 440 K

Download Spike Tutorial (bin) - 340 K

You can also download the Registration information and program. You can find more information about this at Registration area of this site.

Download Register - 90 K


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