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The Netherlands -- September 17, 1998 -- YAV Interactive Media (http://www.yav.com) today announced the release of YAV's RAD Tools, a suite of nearly 300 powerful commands and functions for SuperCard development which are just as easy to use as those provided by the developers of SuperCard.

RAD stands for Rapid Application Development. And with the YAV's RAD Tools commands and functions in place, most of the tedious programming tasks are accounted for. Adopting a "why re-invent the wheel" approach, YAV's RAD Tools take care of most of the things that every SuperCard project requires: tasks such as document handling, file I/O, printing, window, and menu management; string, list, and number manipulation, key-trapping, dialogs and alerts, button and field control. Built-in help is provided.

YAV's RAD Tools also generates pre-configured project frameworks with all the standard menus and windows working the way they should in advance. Alternatively, YAV's RAD Tools offers one-click installation into existing projects.

YAV Interactive Media has used YAV's RAD Tools in-house for several years. For example, YAV used the package to develop such programs as Spike, CyberMozart, Music is the Message (for the newMetropolis Center for Science and Technology), and LEGO's first CD-ROM (accompanying LEGO Technic model 8299).

YAV's RAD Tools is available for download at http://www.yav.com/docs/YRT.html. The downloadable version is fully functional but will not load in a standalone unless registered ($59).

The following URLs provide additional information:

YAV's RAD Tools homePage: http://www.yav.com/docs/YRT.html
Other software by YAV: http://www.yav.com/docs/Software.html
YAV Interactive Media Website: http://www.yav.com
IncWell DMG Website (SuperCard): http://www.incwell.com


YAV's RAD Tools and YAV are trademarks of YAV Interactive Media. SuperCard is a trademark of IncWell DMG, Ltd.

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