Entertainment Industry Activities

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A.S.C.A.P. Film Scoring Workshops (Hollywood, CA) 1989

Earl Hagen BMI Film Music Composition Seminars (Hollywood, CA) 1988


Best Advanced How-To Book: Computer Press Association "8th Annual Computer Press Awards" 1987
for "The Macworld Music and Sound Bible"

Gold Medal: National Association of Multi-Image 1987
for soundtrack to "Reliability and Risk -- Computers in the Nuclear Age" (commissioned by CPSR)


Interactive Kiosks

Show Biz Expo 1993 (Los Angeles, CA) -- Apple Computer Information Kiosk 1993
Johnson & Johnson 1992 Convention (Dallas, TX) 1992


"Multimedia PowerTools" [Score to interactive CD ROM -- Random House Electronic Publishing) 1991
"Verbum Interactive" [Score to interactive CD ROM for Verbum Magazine -- also "Red audio" track) 1991
"Schocker" (Universal Pictures) Bill Goldstein, Composer (Feature film: 9 minutes additional music) 1989

Film and Video

"The Power to Be Your Best with the One and Only " (Video, 5 minutes) EDGE Productions 1989
"The Hollywood Film Music Library "(Library music, 30 minutes) Screen Music Productions 1988
"Reliability and Risk -- Computers in the Nuclear Age "(Video and AV, 30 minutes) 1987
Interlock Media and Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
"Nippon Gakki (Yamaha) Annual Corporate Meeting AV production" (AV 15 minutes)
"Mayor Flynn's Publich Health Line " [Boston, Massachusetts] (Video) New England Telephone 1987
"Playing w/Myself" [Cambridge, Massachusetts] (Video, 14 minutes) 1976
Carpenter Center for Visual Studies (Harvard University)
"Chesapeake Verse" [Baltimore, Maryland] (Video documentary, 30 minutes) National Public Television 1972

Orchestration, Arranging, Sweetening

Stewart Copeland, composer: Holy Blood (Orchestration: Hollywood, CA) 1989
John Andrew Parks III -- Capital Records (Orchestration: Hollywood, CA) 1989
Kansas-- MCA Records (Orchestration: Hollywood, CA) 1988
Pat Hollenbeck/John Williams: "New England Time Capsule" -- Omnimax (Sweetening: Boston, MA) 1987

Synchronization,MIDI, and Computer Applications Consulting

Oliver Leiber, writer/producer: Paula Abdul, Aretha Franlklin, Sheena Easton (Hollywood, CA) 1992
David Vasser, writer/director: Unsolved Mysteries (Hollywood, CA) 1991-1992
W.G. "Snuffy" Walden, composer: thirtySomething, Wonderyears, Roe v. Wade
(Hollywood, CA) 1991-1992
Fred Karlin
(Hollywood, CA) 1990-1991
James DiPasquale, composer: (Hollywood, CA) 1989-1991
Symphony of the 700th (Swiss Septicentenary Celebrations -- 1991 Geneva Switzerland) 1989-1991
Jay Gruska, composer: thirtyomething, Shadow Dancing (Hollywood, CA) 1988-1992
Paul Mirkovich, synthesist: Cher, The Nelsons
(Hollywood, CA) 1990
Stuart Copeland, composer: "Holy Blood" project
(Hollywood, CA and Cleveland, OH) 1989
David Kahn, producer (the Bangles) (Hollywood, CA) 1989
Tyrell Music (Hollywood, CA) 1989
Dominic Frontiere, composer: various projects (Hollywood, CA) 1988-1989
Bob Ezrin, producer: various projects (Hollywood, CA) 1988-1989
Patrick Moraz, composer, Moody Blues 1988-1989
Jeff Lorber, producer, fusion artist (Hollywood, CA) 1988-1989
Rob Walsh, composer (Hollywood, CA) 1988 - 1989
Chris Page, composer (Hollywood, CA) 1988 - 1989
Ron Jones, composer: Star Trek -- The Next Generation (Hollywood, CA) 1988-1989
Bruce Miller, composer: Knots Landing, Designing Women, Hogan Family (Hollywood, CA) 1988-1989
Vladimir Ussachevsky, electronic music pioneer (New York, NY) 1987 - 1989
Steve Reich, composer (New York, NY) 1987 - 1989
Mike Lang, synthesist (Hollywood, CA) 1987 - 1989
Judd Miller Saxophonist (Hollywood, CA) 1988
Herbie Hancock, composer, performing artist
(Hollywood, CA) 1988
Trevor Rabin, composer, YES (Hollywood, CA) 1988
Bruce Babcock, composer: McGyver (Hollywood, CA) 1988
Alan Howarth, composer, sound designer: for Warner New Media project (Hollywood, CA) 1988
Stan Sheldone, Sheldon Music Services (Hollywood, CA) 1988
HLC Killer Music (Hollywood, CA) 1988
Steve Schaeffer, percussionist (Hollywood, CA) 1988
"Rev" Dave Boruff, Saxophonist (Hollywood, CA) 1988
Doug Ingle, Iron Butterfly: new album (Hollywood, CA) 1988
Patrick Moraz composer, Moody Blues, for "Human Interface Album" 1987
Gene Mackels, resident composer WGBH (TV station, Boston , Massachusetts)

Transcription (computer)

B. Schott 's Soehne, for "Tales of Hoffman" project (Germany) 1989
Gordon Getty, composer: various projects e,g, "Ehemals", "Plump Jack" (San Francisco, CA) 1989
Stuart Copeland, composer: for "Holy Blood " project (Hollywood, CA) 1989
Michael Kamen, composer: for "Die Hard" film score (Hollywood, CA) 1988
Mathew McCauley ,composer: various projects
(Hollywood, CA) 1988
Ron Jones, composer: "Superman "(animated TV series) (Hollywood, CA) 1988
"Tales of Hoffmann" (premiered: Los Angeles Opera) (Hollywood, CA) 1987-1988

Transcription (pre-computer)

Earth Wind and Fire (Boston, MA) 1974
The James Cotton Blues Band (Boston, MA) 1974

Entertainment Industry Software/Hardware Consulting

Advanced Music Notation Sustems (Princeton, NJ) 1987--1990
Affinity Microsystems Ltd. (Boulder, CO) 1988-1990
Apple Computer (Cupertino, CA and Los Angeles, CA) 1988-1990
(Vox Vivarium)
Articulate Systems (Cambridge, MA) 1989-1990
(Voice Navigator, VoiceWavws/MIDI)
Blueline Studios (Basel, Switzerland) 1998
(The Castle CD-ROM)
CODA Music Software (Minneapolis, MN) 1987-1990
(Finale) -- also created interactive guided tour for Finale 2.0
Digidesign (Menlo Park, CA) 1987-1988
(Sound Designer)
Dr. T's Music Software (Newton, MA) 1990-1991
(X-oR, Interactor)
Ear-Level Engineering (Los Angeles, CA) 1987-1990
Electronic Arts (Menlo Park, CA) 1986-1987
(Deluxe Music Construction Set, Deluxe Recorder [Portrait])
Emu Systems (Scotts Valley, CA) 1990
Graphic Notes (Sacramento, CA) 1987-1988
(Music Publisher)
Great Wave Software (Palo Alto, CA) 1986-1988
(Concertware MIDI)
HB Imagiong (Orem, UT) 1987-1988
(HB Engraver)
HIP Software (Cambridge, MA) 1987--1990
Intelligent Music Systems (Albany, NY) 1987-1989
(M, Jam Factory, Ovaltunes)
Kurzweil Music Systems (Waltham, MA) 1986-1989
(Kurzweil 250, K1000 series)
Macromind (Chicago, IL and San Francisco, CA) 1986-1990
(Director 2.0, Director Interactive, VideoWorks Interactive, MusicWorks)
Mark of the Unicorn (Cambridge, MA) 1986-1990
(Professional Composer, Performer, MIDI Time Piece)
Music Macros Inc. (San Rafael, CA) 1992
(Music Macros)
MusicNet (Hollywood, CA and Salt Lake City, UT) 1989
(MusicNet Desktop Music Publishing Workstations)
Musicworks Inc.
(Boston, MA) 1986-1987
Opcode Systems (Menlo Park, CA) 1986-1989
(Sequencer, Vision, MIDI Interfaces, etc)
Passport Designs (Half Moon Bay, CA) 1987-1988
(MasterTracks, MIDI Transport)
Silicon Beach Software (San Diego, CA) 1989
Southworth Music Systems (Harvard, MA) 1986-1987
(Total Music, Jambox etc.)
Sweetwater Sound (Ft. Wayne, IN) 1989
(K250 Editor Librarian)

Related Activities
(note: some of these entries are mentioned in other places as well)

Developed first LEGO CD-ROM (LEGO, Billund, Denmark -- released worldwide in 1997) 1996
Interface designer/Programmer -- VPRO Digitale Gids CD-ROM (VPRO Television, The Netherlands) 1994
Author: "Miroslav Vitous Symphonic Orchestra Samples -- Users Manual"
Author/Programmer -- Multimedia PowerTools CD-ROM "Composition Tutorial" (Random House) 1993
Main Selection, Small Computer Book Club
-- Delran, New Jersey October, 1992
Chief Programmer and Interface Designer-- The Hollywood Film Music Library CD-ROM series 1992
Steering Committee Member -- AFI-Apple Computer Center for Film and Videomakers 1992 - 1993
Advisory Board Member -- AFI-Apple Computer Center for Film and Videomakers 1991 - 1993
Author: "Macworld Music and Sound Bible" (IDG Books Worldwide) 1991
Programmer -- Verbum Interactive CD-ROM SourceBank (Verbum Magazine, San Diego, CA) 1991
Creator of VADA -- Voice Activated Digital Art
(with Brentano Haleen) 1990
Programmer -- Vox Vivrarium (Apple Computer, Vivarium Project, Los Angeles, CA) 1990
Speaker: MacMusicFest 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0
(Paramount, Hollywood, CA) 1987, 1988, 1989
Speaker: Music, MIDI, and the Macintosh in the Film Industry Conference (Seattle, WA) 1988
Speaker: CDI Producers Conference (Hollywood, CA) 1988
Speaker: AES Conference -- Music and Digital Technology (Hollywood, CA) 1987
Founding Director: "FUGUE -- Finale Users Group for Understanding ENIGMA" (Hollywood, CA) 1988-1989
Founding Director: "MEGA -- The Macintosh Entertainment Guild of America"
(Hollywood, CA) 1987-1989
Author: [100 plus publications on computers and music]
Author: "Kurzweil 250 Users Manual" (Waltham, MA) 1986-1987
Author: "MegaTrack XL -- Users Manual" (Waltham, MA) 1986-1987
Professor: University of Texas (taught history of film music -- Dallas, TX) 1983-1984

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