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Registering Meta Tag Manager® 2.0

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Meta Tag Manager costs $30 USD

You must be registered to:

Restrictions removed in version 2.0:

Online Registration

You can purchase a registration code for Meta Tag Manager via the Web using the Kagi Online Order Process system. This allows you to pay by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or First Virtual. Choose one of following options:

If you are registering online, please enter the challenge phrase in the comments field at the bottom of the online form. Otherwise, please email your challenge phrase to YAV at after you have paid Kagi. You will find your challenge phrase in the "Registration Window."

To make Meta Tag Manager fully functional you only need a key. When you have registered and your payment information has been received by Kagi, you will receive confirmation of the your registration and YAV will email the registration code to you. Usually this will take less than 48 hours.

To register Meta Tag Manager, select Register from the Apple menu. Type your name and the registration code you received from YAV to convert your evaluation copy into a full version. As a registered user you will receive email notification of periodic updates to Meta Tag Manager that will add additional features to the software.

You can also register by email or US check.

To register via email or normal mail you need the Register application to enter your registration information. The Register application is placed in the Meta Tag Manager folder by the Meta Tag Manager Installer. If you don't have it anymore, you can download it separately. You need to perform the following steps:

If you are paying by email, then email this file to

If you are paying by snail mail the mail the printout to:

1442-A Walnut Street #392-4P
Berkeley, California 94709-1405

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