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The Netherlands -- December 17, 1998 -- YAV Interactive Media (
http://www.yav.com) today announced the release of Meta Tag Manager, the first and only software of its kind for the Macintosh. Meta Tag Manager ($30) is the ultimate tool for fine-tuning and optimizing a document's meta tags. This process can enhance a page's search engine relevancy ranking and assure that queries that should find a particular page, do in fact find that page. Anyone creating webpages should be using Meta Tag Manager.

Meta tags are usually not visible in a browser but are used by search engine "spiders" to index and rank a website or homepage. Every search engine has its own approach to handling on-line documents and even their utilization of meta tags varies widely. Rather than leave the fate of a meticulously crafted web presence to a spider's often overly generalized methods, Meta Tag Manager lets the individual take control. With dozens of options to automate the management of meta tags, Meta Tag Manager makes it easy to analyze and maximize the important meta tags of an entire website or a single html document.

Meta Tag Manager provides ongoing feedback about how a document's meta tags will be treated by up to ten search engines (including the top seven). Meta Tag Manager generates custom advice in easy-to-understand English. One click of the "Update" button can add ten meta tags auto-formatted in optimum syntax to a document. And Meta Tag Manager can conditionally add, append, prepend, or merge tags to a whole group of files with a single press of the "Batch" button. Collect all keywords from a website. Analyze the interaction between keywords, headings, and body text. Designate often used material to be added automatically to important tags. "Carry over" tags from one file to another. Strip unwanted meta tags. Create "Tag Reports" and much more.

YAV Interactive Media has produced award-winning interactive media and CD-ROMs for more than twelve years and has had a "Top 5%" web presence since 1994.

Meta Tag Manager is available for download from YAV Interactive Media at the following URL:


Meta Tag Manager is a trademark of YAV Interactive Media.

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