Countdown - Part 15


Jenna, Charlie, and Alice sing the final chorus "If ever the silver cord be loosed" as they wait for the retaliating missiles to destroy them.
If ever the silver cord be loosed,

Or ever the golden bowl be broken,

Or the pitcher broken at the fountain,
Or the wheel broken at the cistern;
And the dust return to the earth as it was,
And the spirit return unto God who gave it.
(lights continue to flicker, blinking out one after one.
We are left in darkness except for a single red light on a computer terminal which continues to flash.
The red light flashes once, twice, three times... and goes out.

Playback Tips: The sound files are in mono format. I am using Sound Machine as a "Helper Application" to play these au format files back on the Macintosh. I have noticed on my system (which is optimized for stereo playback) that unless the volume of the empty channel is disabled or turned all the way down, the empty channel will add hiss to the channel with the sound. If you experience hiss during playback, you should try to disable playback of the empty channel. If you are listening through external amplification as I am, this may merely require panning your balance control all the way to one side.

Graphics, text, sounds, etc.  Copyright  © Christopher Yavelow  1987 and 1994