Countdown - Part 10

Aria: Charlie "I am calling to my father"

Charlie attempts to convince Jenna that she can follow the procedure - that he has been in more difficult situations.
I sat with my father as he lost his mind.
As the days ached their way into years,
His mind disappeared.

I saw the terror in his eyes as idiocy consumed him.
I felt the warmth of his soul reaching up to me.
Through the muddied waters of his mind... of his mind.

I called to bring him back to life and failed.
I appealed to his greatness, to his spirit,
To my need for him.

My own helplessness broke my heart.

I would like to believe that all great characters
come back to life if you call to them.
I am calling to my father still.
I am calling to my father still.

Playback Tips: The sound files are in mono format. I am using Sound Machine as a "Helper Application" to play these au format files back on the Macintosh. I have noticed on my system (which is optimized for stereo playback) that unless the volume of the empty channel is disabled or turned all the way down, the empty channel will add hiss to the channel with the sound. If you experience hiss during playback, you should try to disable playback of the empty channel. If you are listening through external amplification as I am, this may merely require panning your balance control all the way to one side.

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