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February 27, 2002 – Email Magician 1.5 more than doubles the number of spam filters of previous versions. In this new version of YAV's popular utility for Eudora® Mac, spam filters test for approximately 1,000 spam characteristics that may be present in incoming mail, thus keeping your mailboxes uncluttered. In addition to these built-in spam filters, the program also offers Spammer Address Collection, an option that tracks spammers (up to about 1,250) who may be targetting you in particular, and trashes their messages before they even hit the other spam filters.

This follows closely on the heels of version 1.4, that added the capability to export mailboxes to FileMaker Pro™ while stripping html tags. The price for Email Magician remains at $35 and registered users can upgrade for no charge.

By detecting who you correspond with regularly, Email Magician automatically creates filters, mailboxes, and address book entries for Eudora. The program also automates many tasks related to archiving email messages, and optimizing your Eudora folder. Email Magician has also introduced an "intelligent" Urgent Filter note-pad, where you jot down phrases and email addresses that tell Email Magician to override existing filters and, for example, gather all your "to do" items into a single mailbox for quick disposition.

Never make filters, mailboxes, or nicknames in Eudora again! Put spam in its proper place. Let Email Magician keep all your mailboxes clean. Email Magician can create hundreds of filters, mailboxes, and nicknames in the time it takes to manually construct a single filter.

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