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October 30, 2001 -- "Is your inbox full? Is it email overload? Can you find the latest message that your cousin wrote?" So starts the official song of Email Magician, a new utility for Eudora® (Mac) from YAV Interactive Media, the company that produced the internet power-tool MetaTag Manager, and developed LEGO’s award-winning first CD-ROM.

"You can solve all of these problems with a single button click" continues the song, and it's true. YAV reckons that the average user will save a day's work merely by launching Email Magician and pressing it's main (and quite conspicuous) button. Going on to Email Magician's Maintenance screen could save you another week. And once you start using this $35 one-click wonder, your email will be organized as it comes in and goes out.

Email Magician automatically creates filters, mailboxes, and nicknames (address book entries) with one click. You can generate hundreds of filters in the time it takes to construct one manually. Email Magician creates mailboxes to go with your new filters, and can also add new nicknames to your address book corresponding to your new mailboxes.

But it doesn't stop there. This "Swiss Army Knife" for Eudora® includes powerful spam filtering and comes with well over a hundred spam filters. Email Magician lets you organize and edit your filters, mailboxes, and nicknames too. The program also offers one-click archiving of mailboxes, as well as automated archiving of messages within mailboxes exceeding a specified message limit, or of entire mailboxes that haven't been modified within a certain time-period.

Email Magician introduces an intelligent Urgent Filter note-pad where you jot down phrases and email addresses that tell Email Magician to override existing filters and gather all your "to do" items into a single mailbox for quick disposition.

Email Magician automates many email "house-cleaning" chores one performs periodically -- besides message and mailbox archival, the software offers deletion of empty mailboxes and "orphan-filters," meaning filters targeting missing mailboxes, creation of filters and/or mailboxes for all nicknames in your address books, creation of "group" addresses for use with Eudora's "Intersects Nickname" options, and much more.

Never make filters, mailboxes, or nicknames in Eudora again! Get into the habit of running Email Magician regularly (every week or every day!) to keep your inbox and outbox clean -- or any other boxes that you tell Email Magician to monitor. And use Email Magician's Maintenance options to keep your Eudora folder tidy and your mailboxes organized.

Email Magician is truly a tool that every Eudora user should have.

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